The ultimate guide to SLA literature for Teachers of MFL

The ultimate guide to SLA literature for Teachers of MFL

Work in progress

When I decided I wanted to start blog as a way of organising my own interests and research in SLA and Pedagogy, I realised that there were certain topics that I wanted to  tackle first.  I am very lucky to have been able to discuss my initial ideas with Dr Michael Lynch. 

Over the next couple months I hope to at least begin to cover the first three topics, but as usual I would love to know which ones do you think are most relevant to MFL teachers? Perhaps you would like to write one of those?

  1. Critical Period Hypothesis.
  2. The importance of Errors. What do they teach us? How best to approach them?
  3. Feedback and Recast
  4. Benefits of Reading in MFL
  5. Importance of Reflective Practise for yourself and your pupils.
  6. Transfer between L1 and L2 . How can we use it to our advantage?
  7. Teaching Vocabulary
  8. Teaching Grammar
  9. Teacher Cognition and the Importance of Prior Knowledge
  10.  SLA theories that have shaped the Teaching of Modern Languages
  11. What we can  learn from ESOL Pedagogy


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